Now You Can Create and Enjoy the Most Memorable Birthday Party Ever!

The Party People love entertaining. This production for the entire family has been carefully designed to entertain ages 1 to 100 and beyond. However, children, pre-teens, teens and adults will quickly discover it’s not just about the show! It’s ALL ABOUT YOU and your wish to host the most memorable birthday party ever!

The entire package is a two-hour multi-faceted experience packed with tons of FUN and many extras. The most important part is that it is 100% stress-free for you and your guests. Did we mention, We Even Clean Up the Mess!

WATCH the below video to see what you get with a birthday party at our location.

“What a fantastic experience with the wonderful hospitality and exceptional magic show. These individuals definitely know how to have a great show with wonderful entertainment. I would give more than a 5 Star rating.”

 Wonderful job!

-Mi Mi

You will not be disappointed…. The cast takes care of every little detail for you, so that you can enjoy the birthday persons very special day!

Your two-hour stress-free party begins when you and the guest of honor walk through the door at the most unique party venue in Pueblo, CO.

Upon arrival, you will be greeted by one of the cast members and you’ll immediately notice the smell of fresh popped popcorn in the air. You’ll be offered the complimentary beverage of your choice and fun, age appropriate, upbeat music will be playing in the background. The young ones immediately discover and begin to experiment with a variety of potato heads and other toys. In the meantime, you begin to explore the antique magic and oddities in the museum. Oh, what wonders you’ll see.

As soon as the guest of honor’s friends and family have arrived, you will be ushered into The Theater of Mystery by your personal hostess.

Now the FUN really begins! The 40-minute magic show, complete with special lighting and music, makes the Guest of Honor “THE STAR OF THE SHOW”! You and your guests will laugh and ooh and ah at the magic. They’ll laugh until they cry at the hilarious antics of our in-house magicians. The entire audience will be caught up in the participatory nature of the show and several members of the audience, including your child will be featured on stage and make the MAGIC happen LIVE, right in front of your eyes. The Special Guest of Honor will be featured on stage a minimum of 3 times. While they enjoy being the center of attention, you, your friends and your family will love seeing them shine on stage. To top it all off, they’ll be presented with their very own magic set to take home and learn. The magic set will keep the magic alive for years to come!

“We had my son's 5th birthday party, and he LOVED it. I don't think I've ever seen him laugh so hard. Our family and friends also laughed just as hard. The experience all in itself is amazing. Kyle and his family are amazing. I strongly recommend this for great family entertainment.”

-Justin Salazar

“We celebrated our son Jonathan's 6th birthday with The Party People today and had such a great time! I can't recall a more stress-free birthday. We brought cake, ice cream, gifts, and ourselves-they took care of the rest! They made sure that our son felt special, while also ensuring everyone was enjoying the show. It's obvious that doing the show is a passion for them and not just an income generator. I highly recommend having a party with them. Thanks so much to The Party People for the priceless memories you gave us today!”

-Christina Pyles

You’ll receive expert care from start to finish and you’ll be treated just like family!

Of course, other places have parties too. There’s the Pueblo Zoo, Skate City, the bowling alley and others. But, only The Party People was created specifically with parties just like yours in mind. You wouldn’t hire a chef to build the house of your dreams would you? So why go anywhere other than The Party People if you want to enjoy a party specifically designed and created just for you? You will experience the best party ever at THE HAPPIEST PLACE IN PUEBLO!

“Great! They host your party, parents do minimal work, and get to enjoy the party themselves! What a wonderful idea!! Loved the show!! Everything was great. Highly recommend.”

-Karen Springfield-Verna

“We had my daughter's 6th birthday there yesterday. Her Kindergarten class are mostly boys, so a "Princess or Fairy" party was out of the question-thank goodness! We immediately fell in love with the ambiance of the building. The owners took care of everything. All we had to do was show up!

The theater was instantly captivating and the entertainment was far more than "just" a magic show. Kyle had our crowd hooting and hollering with lots of "oohs and ahhs." We had teenage girls and they were loving it as much as the 5 year old daughter!

We all came out of the theater with smiles plastered on our faces. The parents of our guests were so impressed with the whole experience.

My daughter was the star of the show and she had the hardest time going to sleep last night because she kept remembering all the great things from the party. She'll remember this for the rest of her life!

The cost is very reasonable, especially when you consider they provide the awesome party favors, freshly popped popcorn, soda, lemonade, cups, plates, napkins and forks and a magic gift set (which is quite nice) for your child.

We just can't say enough about The Party People! It's so nice to support a unique, local, wholesome business.

I wanna have my 46th birthday there!”

-Jenny Barber

The Below Video is a FULL 45-minute birthday party

How does it look from another angle?


This is the best place in town for a birthday party! My daughter and all of our guests had a blast. My favorite part is that they take care of everything, so you can actually enjoy yourself for a change.

-Mary Pacheco

Happy Birthday

Following the show, you’re esorted back to the party room to enjoy pizza, cake and ice cream and of course your guest’s favorite part, PRESENTS! The Party People Cast will take care of making certain your guests are well cared for so you can sit back and enjoy a very special day.

Leave your worries at home and relax. The birthday party experts at The Party People will provide everything you need plus more to ensure you, your guests and, most importantly, the birthday person enjoy the most memorable party ever.

Your stress-free, 2-hour party includes everything you need except the cake and ice cream and, of course, you and your guests.

Additionally, as part of this magical experience, you will enjoy pre-made invitations to the party, goodie boxes with magic and novelties for every child and all the popcorn and soda your guests can eat or drink. There’s not even a need to worry about the candles. They’re also included. And, they even add a little magic of their own. All the serving utensils, the plates, cups and napkins are here for you as well. Of course, you are welcome to bring your own party supplies and our cast will even help you decorate.


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